Marketing Survey

Thank you for giving Lewis Industrial Services, Inc. the opportunity to meet all or a portion of your manufacturing needs.

At Lewis, our vision is to be “The Best in the Industry!” But in order to do so, we need for you, our Customer, to tell us what we are doing well – and what we can do better! We would also like to move from just helping you meet your manufacturing needs to helping you anticipate them as far in advance as possible!

Lewis answers proposals and RFQs promptly

Lewis answers proposals and RFQs correctly

Lewis Finished products are delivered on time


Lewis employees place a high value on safety
Lewis employees show respect for your business
Lewis plants and work areas are clean and orderly
Overall, how satisfied are you with our products and services?
How likely are you to do business with us again?
  Product Type Quantity/Increase Quantity/Decrease
What are your production forecasts for existing products?
What are your production forecasts for future products?
  Project Name Owner/Dept Start Date Duration
What current or future projects might Lewis be able to help you manage?

So that we can be more responsive to your needs, please provide your Name, Company and Department along with any additional comments in the space below.