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  Tank Fabrication / Installation

As a shop qualified to fabricate in accordance with the ASME code, Lewis Industrial Services, Inc's pressure tanks and vessel are fabricated to strict ASME standards under code requirements Section VIII, Division I.

There are no size limits to the customized tank fabrication services Lewis Industrial Services, Inc can provide. From tank installation inside buildings, to vessel alterations and repairs on-site or at our plant, Lewis Industrial Services, Inc is your premier source for all pressure vessel products and related service requirements. 

A+ Lewis Industrial Services, Inc tanks and vessels are designed to your exact specifications and can be constructed from carbon or stainless. As a major supplier in this field, you can count on our vast expertise in quality pressure vessel applications. 

All of our tank fabrication and installation personnel are OSHA-trained to comply with the stringent safety procedures required for work on pressurized vessels and tanks.


  • Storage tanks
  • ASME code tanks
  • Process pipes

  • Process tanks

Lewis Industrial Services, Inc is recognized by the Iowa/Illinois Safety Council for outstanding safety practices.